Travel Insurance

Policy covers you for loss of luggage, travel delays and medical and related expenses within Botswana or anywhere in the world.

The unpredictable nature of life has made it necessary for travel insurance to be one of the most essential items included when travelling for business or pleasure BUT Travel Insurance is often one of the small things that we forget to arrange in our rush to get ready and leave on the trip of a lifetime. BIC offers you one of the most comprehensive ranges of worldwide Travel Insurance available, bringing you and your family aid and assistance when you are far away from home.

Travel Insurance is a must whether you are travelling overseas or coming to Botswana either for business or pleasure. Not only does travel insurance cover medical expenses if you get sick or injured while travelling, it also covers essential expenses incurred due to travel delay and travel missed connections, business equipments including laptops and mobile phones.

Cover is also provided if your cash/credit cards or luggage is stolen and you are also entitled to assistance services such as cash advances-advice on how to obtain additional funds, consular referral, transmission of urgent messages and emergency travel and accommodation arrangements.

NOTE: This policy gives you access to a 24hr/7days a week international toll free number that you can call for any assistance.

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